2013 : Bernardaud's 150 years !

To celebrate its 150 years, the house is gone to meet the world of art by asking moviemakers, photographers and artists to bring their view of her work and her image. It shows a three-part exhibition that shows how porcelain is present, living, luminous, sensual and inspiring.

The excitement is waiting for you !

Jean-Michel Alberola


"I then took details of these lithos to not see whole text or image..."

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Marco Brambilla

Last supper (Megaplex)

"The Last Supper in a pop culture version. This would make a great diner conversation subject once the table is set."

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Sophie Calle

The pig

"What I like is to create a kind of ritual to complicate life people."

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"Porcelain gives light thanks to its transparency, this is what I like."

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Jeff Koons


"I've always been intrigued by the porcelain, the financial as well sexual aspect of the material."

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Michael Lin


"I love that people are "in" my work and I wanted to work on plates which would create at table, a link between people ..."

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David Lynch

The Boundless sea

"I found interesting to find ideas for a story that could be told in twelve plates."

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Marlène Mocquet

Le plat est un paysage

"What inspired me is to imagine that people will eat into my paintings..."

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Nabil Nahas


"A starfish is an echinoderm and not a crustacean... not to consume."

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Prune Nourry and JR

Je ne suis pas dans mon assiette
quand je te vois j'ai un appétit d'oiseau
je te mangerais dans la main

"In a family, a dinner service can come from ancestors that we will only receive a photo and plates. Here our descendants will have the photo directly on the plate !"

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"I am fascinated by this Japanese art called "Kintsugi" from the 16th century, which is to make visible repairs on ceramic made ​​with a mix of lacquer and gold giving an even greater aesthetic value..."

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Julian Schnabel

Ogni angelo ha il suo lato spaventoso

“Some people can look down at this plate and a voyage can occur. You can travel to a far away place, you can dream, and it could also make your food look better and even taste better.”

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